Blepharonat – Eye Bag removal treatment


What are eye bags?

According to the Mayo Clinic and WebMD they are a build up of fats and fluids that settle under and above the eyes.

Why do they occur?

There are multiple causes including sleep issues, getting too little sleep can cause your blood vessels to leak and mix with those fluids, leading to dark circles, stress can also play a part in the formation of eye bags. Allergies and sinus problems can also cause puffiness under your eyes.

Substance use can cause those unsightly bags to occur, for example Tobacco use can break down the elasticity of the skin and the collagen that helps keep skin firm leading to fluids collecting around the eyes. Alcohol use dehydrates the body. When you are dehydrated, the skin under your eyes becomes flabby and weak, causing bags to form.

Ageing results in muscles and tissues weakening, and the fat that naturally supports the eyes can sink to the area beneath your eyes, making them appear swollen. Fluids can also collect in the area.

Lifestyle factors also play a part, for example too much dietary salt causes fluid retention that collect around your eyes. Too much UV exposure can damage the skin and collagen and cause drooping in the peri orbital area. Not removing makeup can irritate the tissue beneath your eyes, causing it to swell.

It can also be hereditary and be caused by our genetics, if our mum or dad had them, chances are you will too.


The solution has previously been plasma or surgery, Liquid Lipo laboratories now offers an alternative……

B l e p h a r o n a t…..



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